About Dave Loffredo

Dave.org contains the arcane writings of Dave Loffredo, relic of an earlier age when bits were hewn from the living rock and 32k was enough for anyone.

What's my story? On a professional level, I helped found STEP Tools thirty years ago and am proud that it is still around. In that capacity, I've done just about everything — creating software, writing documentation, managing projects, talking to rooms full of people, crafting proposals, pushing releases out the door, marketing the results, wrangling the creation of ISO standards, making coffee, and inventing whatever we just discovered was needed.

On a personal level, I am a tinkerer and have held many obsessions over the years, which will become obvious as you browse around this site!

Questions? You can reach me as dave at this site. With such a simple address, I get a ridiculous amount of spam, so your message might get trapped by my filters. Please use a relevant subject line to help me spot it in the quarantine.